ALEKS information
  1. Must read about ALEKS:
  2. Optional Stuff: 
    1. About Knowledge Space
    2. Success stories
    3. How other schools use ALEKS
    4. List of ALEKS topics: (gr6m_toc_2.pdf in the list of documents, download from here)
    5. Matching between ALEKS topics and SPI (correlation_1610.pdf in the list of documents, download from here)
    6. Average progress report generated from ALEKS (Average_Progress_Report_08-01-2008_06-30-2009.pdf, in the list of documents, download from here)
  3. Experience ALEKS
    1. Try for free:
    2. Try for real: (
      1. as teacher
        1. login: DRHAMER
        2. password: mcs123
      2. as student
        1. login: IHAMER
        2. Password:CATAPRIL
  4. ALEKS in Memphis and TN in general
    1. Implementation projects
      1. SOLE (Summer Online Learning Experience) 2009:
      2. JMITSE (Jackson-Madison Intelligent Tutoring Systems Evaluation):,
    2. Case Studies: Download PDF files.
  5. More information
    1. Local 
      1. Xiangen Hu (me, UoM),
      2. Bill Wilson (Mathematics Teacher at Mt. Pisgah, SCS),
      3. diana penny (Mathematics Teacher at Riverdale Elementary)
      4. Dave Carlisle (Principal, Riverdale School, SCS),
      5. Some of the SOLE parents are willing to serve as references
    2. Other places:
      1. Cases: some of the cases here ( have contact information and they can be contacted as references.
      2. ALEKS (Nancy Tyler) (
  6. About ALEKS (guest lecture PPT)